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Clase Azul

clase azul reposado tequila 750ml (glam edition)



Accentuating the sophistication of this hand-crafted bottle, our in-house glitter artist emphasizes it's elegance with creamy white pearls and a deep azure blue diamond effect that is sure to inspire awe. If you are seeking the extraordinary, you've found it. Imagine this beauty in the hands of a loved one or perched invitingly on your home bar.

Our Glam Edition bottles are coated in-house by our glitter artist, so we offer any color(s) you'd like. Please indicate your color preference at checkout.

*Please allow 3-4 Business days for items to be ready.

The perfect marriage between the finest tequila and a beautiful hand-crafted, hand-painted Mexican bottle. Produced and bottled in Jalisco, from 100% agave (weber blue agave) and twice distilled. Aging in fine oak barrels gives Clase Azul distinct, smooth flavors and aromas, as well as an excellent balance over the palate. 100% Blue Agave.
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