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Clase Azul

clase azul reposado 25th anniversary 1l


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Celebrating Clase Azul's Journey

This creation symbolizes the journey: how far Clase Azul has come these past 25 years as well as the brilliant future that awaits them. It is also a way to thank all the people who have been part of their journey: the talented artisans, all those who are part of the Clase Azul family, and, of course, everyone who has brought a small piece of our Exquisite Mexico into their homes.


To celebrate Clase Azul's legacy, they created their first decanter completely painted in their distinctive cobalt blue color. Inspired by dandelion seeds being carried by the wind, its feathered motifs embody Clase Azul México's expansion across the world. Twenty-five of the brushstrokes that grace the surface of the decanter have been hand painted in platinum; one for each year of their history.


The tequila created for this edition pays homage to the signature Clase Azul Tequila Reposado. Master Distiller, Viridiana Tinoco, reimagined its creation to give it a special touch. Part of the agave used to make this blend was milled using a traditional stone mill called a tahona, a practice that dates back to the origins of tequila. In addition, the fermentation process was extended to accentuate the liquid’s citrus and fruity notes. This blend was aged for eight months in two different first-use American whiskey casks, each one imparting its own distinct and rich tasting notes.

Exquisite Serve

This extraordinary tequila should be enjoyed neat in a tulip-shaped spirits glass.




Medium. Brilliant golden amber.


Agave syrup, banana, woody notes, toasted coconut, soft vanilla, a hint of caramel, semi-bitter chocolate, apple and malted grain.


Notes of caramel, vanilla, almond, agave syrup and banana; toasted oak finish, cocoa, slight earthy mineral character.