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Clase Azul

clase azul mezcal joven san luis potosi 750ml


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Clase Azul Mezcal San Luis Potosí is a celebration of the rich cultural and natural heritage of San Luis Potosí, a region known for its breathtaking desert landscapes. This mezcal honors the spirit of the area through both its unique flavor profile and the stunningly crafted decanter, making it a true work of art in the world of spirits.

Tasting Experience:

  • Color: Crystal clear with silver highlights, reflecting the purity and quality of the mezcal.
  • Body: Possesses a full body that envelops the palate with a rich texture, indicative of its premium distillation and aging process.
  • Aroma: A complex bouquet that combines cooked agave with notes of caramel and green chile, complemented by the sweetness of fruit and freshly cut grass. Subtle aromas of wildflowers add to its intriguing scent.
  • Palate: Begins with an herbal front, revealing layers of caramel, lime zest, and clove. The finish is marked by a distinct mineral quality and a spiced aftertaste, creating a lasting impression.

Pairing Suggestions: Clase Azul Mezcal San Luis Potosí pairs beautifully with a variety of foods that complement its complex flavor profile:

  • Cheese: Aged goat cheese, fresh goat cheese, or requesón (whey cheese) offer a delightful contrast to the mezcal's herbal and caramel notes.
  • Fruit: Red plum, lychee, or green olive enhance the mezcal's sweet and herbal qualities.
  • Chocolate: White or ruby chocolate serves as an excellent counterpart to the mezcal's unique blend of flavors, particularly its caramel and lime zest notes.

Decanter Artistry: The decanter for Clase Azul Mezcal San Luis Potosí is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Handmade using colored yarn appliqué, the cap beautifully depicts the desert landscape of San Luis Potosí, complete with mountains, valleys, and bright red finches. Each decanter requires over three hours of meticulous work by skilled artisans, making it a collector's item as much as a vessel for the mezcal.