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Glam Your Bottle

At Mel & Rose, we understand that everyone wants their gift to stand out from the rest and remain a keepsake long after it's been consumed, which is why we offer our "Glam" service on almost every bottle we carry. The bottles are coated in a layer of glitter from top to bottom, with a variety of custom color options and gradients.

We offer a range of bottles that are already "glammed" and ready to purchase here, or you can simply pick out your bottle and take advantage of the glam add-on service before you check out. Please note that customizations can add 3-4 days to the turnaround time, and some bottles may require additional charges due to the size or complexity of their design.

If you are interested in custom color matching or have any other questions about glam bottle ordering, feel free to contact us directly at

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Luxury Gifts

We take pride in our ability to curate a wide selection of fine wines and spirits for every budget, but when it comes to luxury items we will not be surpassed. Whether it's rare and sought-after Grand Cru wines or the well-aged single malts and cognacs housed in the finest crystal decanters- We have a selection that will impress the most high-end of tastes. We also take extreme care to ensure these items are securely transported and arrive safe, intact, and worry-free for all our customers. 

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Limited Editions

Mel & Rose is located in a hotbed of fashion and design in Los Angeles, so we are well accustomed to clientele seeking in-demand limited edition products. From artist collaborations with popular brands and seasonal-only releases to the extremely rare and unique- We pride ourselves on our ability to identify the truly celebrated items that may only come around once in a lifetime. 

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