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marou tien giang 70% bar


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This Vietnamese dark chocolate bar is beyond words. Not least because the flavors are robust, defined, and quite wonderful, but also because it comes from cocoa beans originating from an almost untapped resource - Vietnam. In particular, it comes from the Cho Gao District in Tien Giang province which is in the famous Mekong Delta. The flavours are definitively spicy in character which compliments the full-bodied nature of the underlying profile. Allied to this you may be able to pick out a slight under-ripe banana and sandalwood. What is interesting about this bar is that despite it being robust, there isn't a massive amount of acidity, in fact, there's a remarkable amount of creaminess that soothes the senses.

Tasting: cinnamon, honey, fudgy, intense chocolate, sweet red fruits
Pairing: barrel-aged spirits e.g. rum or whiskey, fruity IPAs

70% Cacao content 
80g Bar

Made in Vietnam