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marou lam dong 74% sngleorigin choc bar


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The Lam Dong 74% is reportedly a rare and delicate chocolate made from cocoa beans grown in small farms scattered between Madagui and Bao Loc in the Ct Tin National Park within the Central Highlands of South Vietnam. At first, the bar emanates a soft hazelnut texture which transforms into a floral note akin to sitting in a forest on a hot summer's day. There's also a wonderful undercurrent of cream that washes up the sides of your mouth. But whilst the melt continues you should be able to notice is very direct, spicy sharpness at the roof of your mouth that reminds you that, although this is a creamy bar, it's still made very much from very fine cocoa beans.

Tasting: prunes, espresso, raisin, balsamic, mild chocolate
Pairing: barrel-aged spirits e.g. rum or whiskey, coffee, IPAs

74% Cacao content 
80g Bar

Made in Vietnam