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marou ba ria 76% bar


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The aroma from this bar will remind you of a variety of dark chocolate bars made with cocoa Grenada most probably because the cocoa used here is Trinitario. The flavor profile, however, is very unique. It seems to offer deeply grilled pork and apple. The flavors are rich, intense, and powerful, but still, at this 76% level very enjoyable. The intensity waxes and wanes in the mouth, unleashing its acidic payload seemingly in bursts. At points throughout the melt, you may also see an interchange between hazelnut and tobacco which adds another layer of intrigue.

Tasting Notes: Fruity, bright, bold, currants, candied citrus, buttery

Pairing Notes: barrel-aged spirits e.g. rum or whiskey, fruity IPAs

76% Cacao content 
80g Bar

Made in Vietnam