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Filet Bleu

filt bleu raspberry cokie


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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it can't hurt to get an extra dose of raspberry cookies with dark chocolate by Filet Bleu. A subtle and delightful combination of premium dark chocolate and crunchy raspberry biscuit will leave you pleasantly surprised, asking for more. Characterized by its rich, remarkable, and balanced taste, raspberry cookies are sweet but not too sweet. Dark chocolate cushion adds a unique full-flavored profile to the composition, so giving a try these raspberry cookies with dark chocolate by Filet Bleu is the right decision at any time of the day. Filet Bleu's delicious adventure started in 1920, in the largest French peninsula, lying in the west-northwest corner of France - Brittany. For almost a century Filet Bleu has won the hearts of various households and become a gourmet favorite. From Breton cottages to Parisian apartments, Filet Bleu quickly made a name for itself and impressed everyone with its wide variety of French confectionery, ranging from yummy classic biscuits to galettes and butter biscuits. Persistence to achieve success, propensity towards creating top-notch production, and perseverance to stay at the top have defied Filet Bleu as one of the most beloved biscuit brands in Europe.

4.58oz (130g) Box