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Filet Bleu

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These butter cookies are crunchy yet dense in texture and sweet in taste. They are covered with decadent dark chocolate, which adds hints of bittersweet aromas to the overall bite. Pair with a steaming cup of dark or milky coffee for a quick yet simple breakfast. You can also enjoy some with a hot mug of hot chocolate for a more indulgent experience. Share with your friends and family and appreciate the true taste of France.
Filet Bleu is a French company founded in 1920 in Brittany. Since then, they have provided everyone from Brenton cottages to Parisian apartments with high-quality cookies, galettes, butter biscuits, and more. All thanks to former sailor Henri Friant and his wife Marie, who established the factory over a century ago. Explore their range of filled and coated biscuits as well as breakfast and butter biscuits.

5.2oz (150g) Pack