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domori criollo dark chocolate 80%


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This chocolate, produced with 80% cocoa paste of Criollo variety, is characterized by an extraordinary roundness. On the palate it offers notes of dried figs, dates and raisins: the result is a unique bar, with excellent sweetness and roundness.

Criollo Cacao currently makes up just 0.01% of all the cacao grown in the world.

Criollo is a very rare and precious variety of cacao that was at risk of extinction for many years. It is the cacao of the Mayas and the Aztecs, the cultivation of which has been progressively abandoned owing to its low yield. It is a delicate cacao and makes up just 0.01% of global cacao production. However, the quality of this cacao is unparalleled: the absence of tannins, which normally give it bitterness and astringency, gives Criollo cocoa a unique creaminess, sweetness and roundness.

Ingredients: Criollo cocoa granules, cane sugar. May contain traces of soy, milk, and nuts.