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domori criollo dark chocolate 70%


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Criollo is a rare and fragile variety of cocoa and represents only 0.001% of the cocoa produced in the world. The quality of this cocoa has no equal being free of tannins, which give the product harshness and astringency. In fact, Criollo boasts a unique creaminess, roundness, and sweetness.

Domori has recovered this precious variety of cocoa that risked extinction, giving rise to the largest plantation in the world in Venezuela. From this plantation, they receive the raw material they transform every day through the shortest and purest recipe in the world.

This chocolate, produced with 70% cocoa paste of Criollo variety, is characterized by an extraordinary roundness. On the palate it offers notes of almond and toffee. The result is a unique bar, with excellent sweetness and creaminess.