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Comptoir Du Cacao

comptoir du cacao ruby chocola bar bunny


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Start your day off right and feel the decadence of authentic French chocolate with a ruby chocolate bar by Comptoir Du Cacao. Renowned for its unparalleled taste, this Mediterranean treat has a firm texture and incorporates delightful flavors that will leave you startled, asking for more. Made with an extensive choice of carefully selected premium, fresh, and ripe ingredients, collected in some of the premier parts of French, this mesmerizing and enthralling ruby chocolate bar by Comptoir Du Cacao will work wonders in your kitchen right away. Perfect with your favorite morning cup of coffee or tea.

Family-run chocolate factory located in the Gatinais produces chocolates in the pure tradition of master chocolatiers. Favoring ecology, recycling, and the short circuit, their chocolates are made from raw materials from eco-responsible subsidiaries. 

3.2 oz (90g) Bar