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Comptoir Du Cacao

comptoir milk choco bar w/ eiffel tower


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Want to make a stellar impression on your friends and stand out from the crowd? We've got you covered! A milk chocolate bar by Comptoir Du Cacao is the perfect choice to delightfully sweeten your day as well as create an unforgettable memory. Eiffel Tower covers a bar of milk chocolate bar that is made from an extensive choice of carefully selected premium, fresh, and sophisticated ingredients that create an unparalleled sensation right from the first bite. Original and extremely luscious, this milk chocolate bar by Comptoir Du Cacao makes up for an overwhelming souvenir that will, unfortunately, not last long.

Comptoir Du Cacao is a family-run artisanal chocolate factory that specializes in creating single-origin, premium, pure cacao butter chocolates. Following the artisanal tradition of the great chocolate masters, Comptoir Du Cacao integrates new flavors that have quickly won the hearts of many sweet tooths. Established in 2001, Comptoir Du Cacao takes a lot of pride in selecting the noblest raw materials and producing high-quality products guided by excellence in taste. Located in the heart of the French countryside, 100 km south of Paris, Comptoir Du Cacao's assortment ranges from various types of praline, truffles, spicy chocolates, and other yummy delicacies that are well-known for their quality and unparalleled taste.

3.2oz (90g) Bar