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urbani black chocolate truffle


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Have you ever thought about the chocolates with real truffle inside them? Then you'll greatly enjoy the flavor of Urbani Tartufi Black Truffle Chocolate. Born almost by game, between an experiment and another of our research and development office, Urbani Tartufi Black Truffle Chocolate Bonbons have achieved huge success in Italy and abroad. The uniqueness of this chocolate is the perfect combination between the sweet taste of fine chocolate with the unmistakable black truffle. The Black Truffle Chocolate Bonbons are perfect for after a meal or as an accompaniment to coffee, bitters, and fine liquors. Not only that but they can be used as ingredients for the preparation of sweets or cakes (delicious the tiramisù with our chocolates). Finally, thanks to their elegant packaging and design, the Urbani Tartufi Truffle Chocolate Bonbons can be a unique and special gift but, above all, they will be greatly appreciated by those who receive them.

4 oz Bag