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popcornopolis double drizzle caramel chc


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This bag contains cascades of sweet, salty, and caramelly amazingness that combine to create flavor sensations so decadent they should be illegal. We source quality ingredients like pure cane sugar, creamery butter, and real cocoa to create a white and dark chocolatey sensation that will make you forget all other snacks that have come before it. Happiness by the handful. We lovingly craft each batch of our popcorn to maximize your enjoyment and happiness. We start with better kernels, real ingredients, and time-tested recipes to provide you with an amazing experience in every bag. Each handful of our popcorn should brighten your day and bring joy to your life. We hope you love it as much as we do! Caramel and kettle popcorn with chocolatey stripes. Certified gluten-free. Made with real cocoa. Made with real caramel. Double the decadence.

7.5 oz Bag