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kit kat chunky bar 40g


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Give yourself a break to recharge your energy with KitKat Chunky. 

A unique combination of a crispy wafer and delicious milk chocolate, which guarantees a good mood and allows you to fully enjoy the moment of break, it's everything you love in one place. 

Just the right size for an energy boost anywhere, anytime.

Only the highest quality cocoa beans are selected for the production of KitKat bars, 100% from certified and sustainable crops supported by the Nestle Cocoa Plan program. 

It's time for a break, it's time for KitKat! 

Nestlé KitKat Chunky bar: - provides a quick and delicious boost of energy - is a delicious crunchy wafer covered with melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate - has the perfect size so you can satisfy your hunger anytime, anywhere - does not contain artificial colors, flavors and preservatives

KitKat is the world's first candy brand in the world made with 100% sustainable cocoa