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mersel phoenix merwah skin-contact 2021 750ml


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Our Phoenix line comes from the rise of the Lebanese national bird, the Phoenix. The firebird that keeps rising, using its passion and determination to try something new. We are one of the first wineries in Lebanon to produce a completely natural, organic wine that is free from additives and that is unfined and unfiltered. 

Natural Skin-Contact Orange Still Wine

First Made: 2017

Grape: Merwah (100%)

Farming: Organic

Yield: Merwah: 25hL / Ha

Alcohol Content: 12.5%

Residual Sugar: 0 g/L

PH Level: 3.1

SO2: 5 PPM


Region: Dimane, Qannboubine Valley - North Lebanon (1,600m)

Indigenous Merwah vines, over 150 year old


Best Opened: Best to open at 14-20 degrees celsius as one would a red wine.


Winemaking Method: Picked in middle of October and crushed into 2-proportional lots, then fermented in stainless tanks and amphoras. The wine is fermented on skins for 3 weeks, the cap is gently broken by hand a few times a day, and is then racked off skins in the middle of November into half neutral barrels and half stainless tanks. The temperature at the winery reaches -5 degrees celsius, consistently in winter, allowing for natural cold stabilization of the wine. MLF happens in Spring, the wine is bottled in May.

Tasting Notes: This wine has a very distinctive fleshy peach and nectarine fruit profile, with a bit of nettle and spice.

750ml Bottle