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ortolan refresher kit



Ortolan Rosolio is an expression of heirloom roses and other botanicals in the tradition of French Aperitifs, Italian Amaros and the historic Rosolios of Torino - reimagined in California. It is balanced and complex, and elevates classic cocktails. The proprietary blend of roses, each with their own scents and colors, create a unique botanic bouquet much more complex and nuanced than typical rose-derived products. Plus, the natural pigments from the roses make the color of the drink change when citrus is added! These kits were created with our signature twist as a complement to classic cocktails, equipped with all the accoutrements you need to cocktail at home!

The Refresher Kit
Cool off with our classic refresher kit, featuring Ortolan Rosolio, Club Soda and Limes and watch the color change!

1 ½ oz Ortolan Rosolio
4 ½ oz Soda Water
Generous Lime Wedge

Combine ingredients in a wine or highball glass, over ice and serve with the lime. Squeeze the lime into the glass, stir, watch the color change, and enjoy.

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