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marou dong nai 72% dark chocolate bar


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Cultivated by avocado farmers near Saigon, Dong Nai cacao lends an apparent ginger and clove spice with palate coating sweet and sour tropical fruit notes.

Buttery and smooth like the Ba Ria bar, this bar is understated in its complexity.

The first thing you'll notice as you put this into your mouth is the smooth aroma, texture and flavours. Quickly, however, those mellow flavours start to mature into a fantastic bar. Predominately this bar has a flavour profile that is a mix of cream and subtle spices, just with an omnipresent fruity acidity lurking behind. At the very edge, you should be able to find a citrus fruit and clove backdrop which adds another layer of intrigue.

Tasting: tropical fruits, buttery, smooth, cream, malt, warm spices
Pairing: barrel-aged spirits e.g. rum or whiskey, coffee, IPAs

72% Cacao content 

80g Bar

Made in Vietnam