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letterpress ecuador 70%


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This cacao is grown in the province of Esmeraldas, an area not typically known as a cacao-producing region of Ecuador. Costa Esmeraldas is a family business, entirely owned and managed by the Salazar family. The facility design allows the production of unusually consistent and clean cacao with an efficient movement of material that reduces worker injury and fatigue. The color is strikingly dark for 70% dark chocolate but belies its mild flavor. Enjoy.

Tasting notes: nutty and floral


2022 Academy of Chocolate Awards GOLD Winner
2021 Academy of Chocolate Awards GOLD Winner
2020 Academy of Chocolate Awards GOLD Winner
2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards Silver Winner
2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards Silver Winner
2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards Silver
2017 Good Food Awards Winner

70% Cacao content 
2.3oz (65g) Bar