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jacobs twiglets 45 g bag


Twiglets are whole-wheat crunchy knobbly sticks, made to look like twigs. They have a sticky Marmite flavor coating on them which gives them the zesty and zingy taste. Jacobs Twiglets don't feel greasy like crisps do. Twiglets are marketed as a more "healthy" snack because they are baked, rather than fried.
Open up a Twiglets bag and enjoy the rich, wheaty and savory smell! Twiglets are great as dips and are an alternative to bread sticks or carrot sticks. They are delicious when dipped in cream cheese. A unique way of using Twiglets is as topping on the mashed potato on shepherd's pie, just crumble some Twiglets and mix with grated cheese -and your crunchy topping is ready!

45g Bag

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