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Giuseppe Quintarelli

quintarelli primofiore rosso 2016 1.5 liter (magnum)


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It is impossible to speak about Quintarelli without superlatives. The name itself stands for so much: the family, the wines, a style, a tradition, a way of doing things. After all the time, effort, patience, and care that go into the making of a bottle of Quintarelli, it truly does mean so much more than wine. Giuseppe, fondly known as "Bepi" to those closest to him, was a perfectionist in every way. From the beautiful handwritten labels, to the best possible quality cork, to the exquisite wine in the bottles, the Quintarelli name is a stamp of authenticity and the ultimate indication of an artisanal, handmade, uncompromising wine of the highest quality.

- The "first flower" is the youngest red wine released by the estate every year
- Cabernet is partially dried, all other grapes are freshly pressed
- After harvest, grapes left in wooden boxes to continue ripening
- After pressing and fermentation, wine is aged for several years in Slavonian oak barrels

50% Corvina and Corvinone, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes