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loc maria gavottes mini crepes cow chees


Are you ready for an unforgettable French confectionery adventure? Gavottes' crepes filled with Laughing Cow cheese are one of the sweetest delicacies that you can taste. Made with a secret recipe passed down for generations, Gavottes made sure to create delightful crunchy crepes with a savory filling. That's how an authentic French cheese snack was born. Made from rigorously selected ingredients, Gavottes' savory crepes have gained a lot of respect among discerning gourmets. A subtle combination of alluring, sweet, crispy biscuits and soft, rich, tangy Laughing Cow's cheese is something that will have you coming back for more. Gavottes' appealing crepes filled with Laughing Cow cheese can be enjoyed first thing in the morning with your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Loc Maria is one of the most famous French biscuits manufacturing companies. It produces cookies under the brand names of Traou Mad and Gavottes. Loc Maria's story of sweet temptation commences in 1920 and since then manages to stay true to their loyal customers by maintaining the high-quality standards and unparalleled taste that lingers on your tongue for a long time. This artisan biscuit factory by Gavottes offers a wide variety of authentic treats of Brittany's culinary tradition, varying from light and crispy crepes to luscious biscuits. In addition to a rich assortment, Gavottes pays attention to high quality and its utmost priority is to carefully select raw materials that will later be used by pastry cooks. Gavottes is supplied by French farmers that speaks for itself!

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