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elyx deluxe martini kit



Bring the elegance and beauty of copper into your home with our ultimate bar tool collection. Our luxury eight-piece set of high quality professional bar tools and glassware along with a comprehensive guide designed to perfect your martini making will allow you to give your guests the most memorable cocktail experience.

This box contains
1 x Copper plated jigger
1 x Copper plated julep Strainer
1 x Mixing Glass
1 x 30cm Copper plated Bar Spoon
1 x Copper plated cocktail Shaker
1 x Copper plated Strainer
2 x Copper plated cocktail coupes

Recipe for the Elyx Martini
5 parts Absolut Elyx
1 part Lillet Blanc
Lemon zest
Plenty of ice

Fill your mixing glass with ice. Measure Absolut Elyx and Lillet Blanc into the glass. Stir until icy cold (at least one minute) and using your julep strainer pour into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a fresh lemon zest.

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