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duvel barrel aged irish whiskey edition 750ml


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The first Duvel Barrel Aged saw the light of day in 2017. A unique beer aged in wooden whisky barrels from renowned American bourbon distilleries. Six successful editions of Duvel Barrel Aged later, this time the Duvel brewers went to Ireland for oak whiskey barrels from the renowned Teeling distillery in the heart of Dublin. A distillery that shares Duvel’s passion for quality, craftsmanship and innovation.


By ageing the original Duvel in oak Irish Whiskey barrels, the speciality beer acquired smoky notes of oak and vanilla, and a beautiful copper colour.

Hedwig Neven, master brewer"From exotic Barbados - where we got the rum casks for the latest Barrel Aged batch, it was off to Dublin, Ireland. We knocked on the door of a fantastic distillery with a good reputation and a long history. Not only did we meet passionate distillers there, but we also found the perfect casks at Teeling Whiskey to age our Duvel in. That is always exciting, because you really only have 'one shot' to get it right and you always have to wait and see how the flavour evolves. But I am very proud of the result and I hope my colleagues in Dublin are too."


The design of this limited edition Duvel Barrel Aged also stands out. The 75 cl bottle was beautifully decorated, via a screen printing technique, with the distinctive clover symbol in a typical green Irish colour. Besides a very tasty beer, will this Shamrock deliver you an extra portion of good luck?


750ml Bottle