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dovinto cabernet sauvignon 2018 750ml


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A full-bodied and rich Cabernet Sauvignon wine, crafted exclusively from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, boasting intense dark fruit flavors.


Viticulture - Shallow soils, formed by the erosion of weathered metamorphic rocks with the presence of limestones, brown clays and terracotta.

Vinification - Honest, without corrections or additions, gravity flow process, aging in French oak barrels in a natural underground cellar

Energy - In 100% of our processes we use solar energy.

Aging - French Oak

Storage Capacity - 16 months


Tasting Notes

Sight: ruby red of medium intensity with vibrant red lining of great deepness.

On the nose: cassis, red fruits, lactic notes of fine complexity with vanilla and spices. Final notes of dry fruits and flowers.

In the mouth: Smell is confirmed in the mouth, great elegance and complexity. Ripe red fruits, black cherry, cacao, dry fruits and great tannin.


750ml Bottle