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Domaine Henri Rebourseau

domaine henri rebourseau chambertin 2018 750ml


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Area 0.46 ha, 

Average age of vines: 59 years

Average yield 20 h/ha


"Here everything ends and a complete genius is realized, there is fixed, in the generosity of an ardent liquid flesh and under the scarlet imperial purple, this perfume of roses blooming at dawn... But this purple of the Caesars is that of a king, Chambertin, king of wines! The sovereign is here in Burgundy this king of life and joy » 

  • Gaston Roupnel (1871-1946)



Le Chambertin is located on outcrops of Bajocian limestone entroques lower than mid-slope, there are Bajocian marls on these heights. A coating of scree and thin silt covers all this and the soils are exclusively calcareous brown.



It overwhelms the palate with the intense expression of violet and liquorice. Its persistence is unparalleled. “This famous cru possesses to the highest degree all the qualities that constitute the perfect wine, body, color, bouquet and finesse. Classified offline by Jules Lavalle in 1855



The estate's plot is located halfway up the hillside, the bottom is marly-limestone with superb clays. Less steep than the Clos de Bèze and noticeably colder due to the proximity to the Combe Grisard, this situation provides it with perfect ventilation. The altitude is ideal, the stones abundant and the natural drainage perfect, the exposure to the east incomparable.


750ml Bottle