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Dom Perignon

dom perignon vintage brut 750ml (glam edition)

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As if dressed in formal attire, our Dom Perignon Glam Edition ('08 vintage pictured no longer available) brings elegance reminiscent of sequin gowns worn by the Hollywood elite. Our Glam Edition bottles are encrusted in a diamond-glitter effect that sparkles and shines. A pleasure to the eye as well as the palate, these bubbles will elevate your drinking experience to the next level. Pop the cork for a special occasion, or dazzle a loved one as a stunning gift.

Our Glam Edition bottles are coated in-house by our glitter artist, so we offer any color(s) you'd like. Please indicate your color preference at checkout.

*Please allow 3-4 Business days for items to be ready.

The opening bouquet is complex and luminous, a mingling of white flowers, citrus and stone fruit. The overall effect is enhanced by the freshness of aniseed and crushed mint. The final aromas offered by the wine are starting to show spicy, woody and roasted notes.

After a long period of reluctance, the wine is finally opening up. There is complete balance between the nose and the palate. Its slender, minimalist, pure, toned, athletic character is now also expressed with warmth. The fruit is pronounced and clear. The vintage's characteristic acidity is remarkably well integrated. Its persistence is mainly aromatic, grey, smoky and highly promising.

The wine enjoys duality: warmth & freshness, meat & iodine pairings, cooked & raw. Spices enhance and accentuate 2008's effervescence and densify the wine. Dom P?rignon likes playful experiences: culinary art, textures, and matters.

750ml bottle