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divine ginger + orange dark chocolate


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Smooth dark chocolate bursting with pieces of zesty orange and spicy notes of ginger. With a social mission to help end the exploitation of cocoa, Divine is the only fair-trade chocolate company co-owned by the farmers. Through relationships with cocoa growers in Ghana and São Tomé, the cocoa in any bar of chocolate can be traced back to the co-operative from which it originated, demonstrating commitment to social and economic issues. For years, Divine's business model has been to create delicious chocolate AND fight exploitation. Co-owned by farmers- meaning they gain a share of the wealth they help to create, have a voice in how things are run, and their needs are listened to. Your Divine Chocolate purchase contributes to this cause. Thank you! Divine Chocolate is made with high-quality, natural ingredients from deliciously rich, fair-trade cocoa grown by family farmers in Ghana. No artificial flavors, 100% pure cocoa butter, no palm oil, soy, and non-GMO. Proud to be a Certified B Corporation. 

3 oz Bar