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creyente azul cristalino mezcal 750ml


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Born from fire and oak, Creyente Cristalino Añejo begins its journey in the mineral-rich soils of the Valles Centrales and Sierra Sur regions of Oaxaca, Mexico. Only the finest Espadín and Cuishe agaves are handpicked at peak maturity, before being cooked in underground pit ovens using traditional methods. The perfectly roasted agave hearts are then crushed through the centuries-old custom of a using a tahona stone wheel.

Following fermentation and a double distillation in copper pot stills, the resulting liquid is aged in new American oak casks for added complexity and exquisite taste.

Prior to bottling, our artisanal mezcal undergoes a unique and proprietary filtration process, resulting in a final product of impeccable clarity and incomparable smoothness. Creyente Cristalino Añejo reveals soft hints of smoke that gently mingle alongside sweet undertones of fresh citrus, herbs, and spice. A mezcal this unique and refined must be experienced to be truly understood.