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cantodini sundried tomato pesto spread


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I Contadini, a brand from southern Puglia, gets its name from the Italian word for farmers. Sustainable farming methods, on-site processing, the fertile soil, and the plentiful sun of Puglia contribute to the unusually high quality of their produce. I Contadini Sundried Tomato Pesto starts with vine-ripened tomatoes dried in the sun before being chopped and marinated in high-quality extra virgin olive oil and mixed with onions, capers, and Leccina olives.

This is one of our favorite ready-to-serve sauces to pour as is over our pasta, rice, or vegetable preparations. Use as a pesto sauce with pasta or add to rice and serve hot or cold. Use as a tapenade on bruschetta or as to flavor meat, eggs, or vegetables. 

8.1oz Jar