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chocxo dark chocolate toffee almond seasalt snaps 3.45 oz


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  • TRUE CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE: Chocxo Dark Milk Chocolate Toffee, Almond & Sea Salt Snaps are the perfect individually portioned treat to satisfy your sweet tooth without too much sugar! These dark milk chocolate squares are delicious, naturally lower sugar snacks, with just 3 grams of real sugar per piece - no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. A perfectly rich, sweet, crunchy treat made with natural, premium organic ingredients.
  • ONLY 80 CALORIES & 3G OF SUGAR: Each dark milk chocolate square is only 80 calories - a sweet chocolate treat in your arsenal of better-for-you snacks. These dark milk chocolate squares, made form combining 85% dark chocolate with creamy milk chocolate, are infused with butter toffee bits, almonds and a sprinkle of sea salt. With snap-able pieces for the perfect 4-bite snack, it's the treat to snap, share and enjoy.