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cadbury flake bar 32g


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Savor the unrivaled delicate, crumbly texture of the best chocolate flakes that taste like heaven! The Cadbury Flake is a delicious flaky chocolate bar, created by accident when a Cadbury employee at the Cadbury factory in Birmingham, England, dropped some chocolate onto a rolling conveyor belt. Cadbury Flake chocolate bars are made from Cadbury's milk chocolate and have a flaky surface. This Flake bar presents a delicious treat with each chocolate candy offering the iconic pleated milk chocolate layers. The Cadbury Flake is light and flaky, forming smooth, creamy overlays that have a firm and almost crunchy bite that leaves the Cadbury Flake to melt deliciously in your mouth. Cadbury has surely made a Flake of Heaven with each bar of this chocolate goodness.
32g Bar