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busseto salami moulu pepr


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Busseto Dry Salamis are slowly air-dried and seasoned to perfection. The Busseto Foods Company is named after a quaint village in Northern Italy. Their mission is to produce top-quality specialty meat products based on traditional recipes that are centuries old. Every day, Busseto Foods relies on time-honored methods to create the best products available. Still, Busseto Foods is bringing new innovations to its product line with new recipes and ingredients that will bring intrigue and excitement to even the most daring or sophisticated palate.

With a gourmet touch, this dry salami is gently coated with freshly dried aromatic French herbs. This "secret recipe" is found in the French countryside alongside Champagne and Brie cheese. This is a wonderful snack on its own or with a dash of mustard. Also makes a great addition to any antipasto. Delicately hand-rolled in ground black pepper, the true essence of this flavorful salami is captured when served with warm fresh bread and crumbled blue cheese.

Studded with cracked green peppercorns, every bite imparts a wonderful combination of meat and spice. An Italian-style chub made from a coarse grind, spiced with a proprietary blend of mild herbs.

8oz (227g) Pack