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Bucked Up

bucked up energy drink blood raz 16oz


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Blood Raz tastes like Inception—or literally any Chris Nolan film—you know it's brilliant, but you can't figure out why. I can tell you Blood Raz is a watermelon flavor and you'll taste sweet summer days by the barbecue. Or I can say it's Raspberry and you'll recall that succulent jam you got from the nice old couple at the farmer's market.Blood Raz manages to be sweet, succulent, and tart. And it's sugar-free. That's right. Zero sugars. Drink up and taste that ambiguous goodness.


  • Dynamine & TeaCrine to provide longer-lasting, time-released energy.
  • Nootropics Alpha GPC & Huperzine-A to boost your brain.
  • Caffeine 300mg – you know what it does. You little junkie you.
  • And of course, tingly Beta-Alanine to tell your body it's time to work......or party...or whatever. You decide.