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bucheron st. saviol


In the form of a person, a bucheron is a lumberjack, a woodcutter, a logger. In the form of a cheese, Bucheron is log-shaped bauble, offering the opportunity to try goat cheese with some age and complexity. The mold-ripened rind cloaks a thin layer, like soft, beaten butter, just underneath. The very center is chalky, almost flaky, and bright white. A classic choice to top a tangle of spring greens, it is one of the more accessible and common French chévres found in American shops. Stay in step with high acid white wine that's never touched oak, like the classic Sauvignon Blancs of France's Loire Valley, due north of Poitou, where Bucheron is made.
It is also good cheese for salads or for snacking with hearty grained breads, crackers and grapes.

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