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bruzo mezcal tobala no. 5 750ml




San Agustin, Oaxaca, Mexico

Maguey 100% Tobala, (Wild)
One of the wild ones. Its small and grows in hilly soil or cliffs. Sometimes very difficult to find and recollect.

The process starts in a stone-lined pit in which the agave pinas will be roasted. A fire is started in the base of pit, with riverstones placed on top. When the rocks are red-hot, the pinas, which have been cut in half or in quarters, are placed in the pit. The whole thing is then covered with agave leaves and ber and straw mats, piled up with earth and left to roast for four days.

Made by the Master Mezcalero Candido Reyes, in the village of San Agustin Amatengo. BRUXO was created by a group of friends who love & honor mezcal,its authenticity, its magic, and most of all, the people that from generation to generation have preserved its tradition. Since 2010, we traverse Mexico honoring the rituals, smells, flavors and traditions, looking for the best mezcal that we can consider a true elixir made for those who live on Earth.

Tasting Notes: The spirit is a little floral on the nose with a markedsmokiness. It has less alcohol on the palate than on thenose with peppery notes and some citrus with a cinnamon finish and sweetness on the back finish.
Pairing: It goes equally well in a cocktail, made with cucumber juice, lemon juice, orgeat and orange bitters.

750ml bottle
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