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Brown + Haley

dark roca buttercrunch w/ dark chocolate 4.5 oz


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  • DARK ROCA - Buttercrunch adds rich cocoa butter and Dark Chocolate from carefully selected cocoa beans to our ROCA center. Each bite blends buttery toffee crunch with rich, luxurious chocolate.
  • Your Favorite Chocolate Candy - Looking for candy with almonds or toffee candies? DARK ROCA is dark chocolate-covered, almond butter crunch, hard toffee with a coating of ground almonds. It is similar to dark chocolate-covered English toffee with rich taste. The perfect gluten free and Kosher snack.
  • 10 Oz Each Canister - Pack of 4 for a total of approximately 92 pieces. Resealable for freshness. Perfect for sharing, giving as a gift, or keeping it all for yourself. Each piece is individually foil-wrapped and sealed for freshness.
  • Quality Ingredients - Since 1912, our ROCA Master confectioners have been using their finest ingredients to create ROCA Buttercrunch. For a morning or afternoon snack, eat with coffee, tea, or as is and enjoy the amazing combination of flavors.
  • For Over 100 Years - Brown and Haley has been making magic in their Tacoma factory. Over the years, our fine confections have become part of holiday traditions world-wide. Share the special treat of ROCA with your loved ones.