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brets camembert cheese potato chips 4.4 oz


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Discover the entire spectrum of this renowned French gastronomy cheese, camembert, which has been blended into our Bret's chips, which have a delicate texture!

On our Bret's wavy chips, you'll get all of the tastes that come from this wonderful cheese that's used in French cuisine.

In 1991, Alain Glon founded a one-of-a-kind potato company in conjunction with the farming community of Brittany. This event marked the beginning of Brets' fascinating adventure. By cultivating a sector of the potato industry that is solely focused on the production of chips, Alain's novel strategy intended to provide the farmers and livestock breeders of Brittany with extra opportunities to increase their incomes.

The agricultural hub of Pontivy quickly became an expert in this particular aspect of the production process. Beginning with the selection of the proper types and continuing through the harvesting of the crop, this particular procedure was quickly mastered by the Pontivy community.

In 1995, Alain's entrepreneurial insight quickly produced fruit when he successfully established the first ever chips production unit in Brittany from the ground up. This accomplishment was a first for Brittany. Since it was founded, the company has distinguished itself by being the first to introduce flavored chips to the French market under the Brets brand.