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brad's raw leafy kale pina kale-ada


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Meet Pina Kale-ada - the latest flavor to join the group of Brad's Raw Leafy Kale! Pina Kale-ada delivers a burst of tropical flavor well suited for healthy snacking on a secluded island, or in the comfort of your kitchen. Generously coated with raw shredded coconut, pineapple, and banana with a hint of lemon juice and Himalayan sea salt, Pina Kale-ada ensures that our existing product line of Naked, Nasty Hot, Nacho, and Vampire Killer has something for every palate. Relentlessly Healthy and Surprisingly Sweet! Never baked or fried, all flavors of Brad's Raw Leafy Kale are dehydrated at or below 115 degrees to preserve essential nutrients and enzymes that enhance digestion and dramatically increase energy levels. 

2.5oz (70.8g) Bag