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boulevard x firestone walker barrel-aged wheat wine 4pk/12oz bottles


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Far across fields of golden grain lay two breweries. These breweries were longtime friends and dreamed of doing a beer together. Full of happenstance and mystery arose the Wheat Wine. Brewed individually and then blended, this beer combines the best of the West and the Great Plains in a strong ale that doesn’t hold back.

Two beers with the same mission, brewed and aged in a way that reflects each brewery’s program and how they differ – then combined into one. This collaboration features both brewery’s innovation skills: A wheat wine blended and fermented with white grapes from Paso Robles, and a wheat wine fermented with Kveik yeast in Kansas City.

The beers were barrel-aged in a mix of whiskey, rye, and chardonnay barrels then blended together producing a dry, light-bodied barrel-aged wheat wine. With a clean fermentation profile, the wheat, wine, whiskey, and wood all sing together.

Malts – Wheat, whiskey, wood, and wine

Aroma: Woody and wine, punchy fruit driven by yeast

Balance: The base beer lets the barrel take the stage

ABV: 9.9%

IBU: 20

4PK/12OZ Bottles