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boru irish vodka 750ml

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Vodka. It should be pure. Authentic and direct. Enjoyed with dignity. Sadly, this noble drink has been tainted by trendy brands posing pretty people holding pretty cocktails in pretty places. What happened to real vodka for real people?

Announcing the return of vodka, straightforward and true. Vodka the way it was meant to be. Up. Neat. On the rocks. With a splash, or with a twist.

Boru Vodka is the real alternative for those who understand taste. The kind you savor, not the kind you affect. For those looking to step it up without forgetting who they are. Boru Vodka is substance and style. It's vodka delivered with honesty and without pretense. The only image it projects is your own.

Raise your glass. Welcome back what was lost. Reclaim the Spirit with Boru Vodka.

Boru Vodka is made in Ireland, named for the legendary king Brian Boru, who united Ireland in 1014. His uncompromising spirit and bold attitude are our inspiration. Pristine waters and five distillations produce a clean vodka of unusual clarity and exceptional smoothness. Its crisp, even taste makes it a fresh alternative to enjoy neat, as a martini or the foundation of a cocktail.

750ml Bottle
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