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Biscuiterie De Provence

biscuiterie pesto & parmesan croquets 90g


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These excellent salty biscuits are created with whole almonds and 17 percent Provence basil. They're created with pistou and parmesan cheese, and they're delicious.

The presence of whole almonds and vibrant tastes in the Croquets of the Biscuiterie de Provence will make a snack break or a salad even more delectable and enjoyable! Discover these one-of-a-kind dishes that have been meticulously prepared using the finest ingredients. The items are 100 percent natural and, for the most part, made in the area where they are sold.

Croquet de Provence is a little cookie that is delicately sliced and shaped like a flower. Its flavor is created with high-quality, locally obtained ingredients, and it is inspired by the world-famous almond crunch snack bar. A spectrum that is both diverse and bright has been created as a result of a variety of preferences. An essential component of every pasta meal, the original Provencal sauce of basil, garlic and olive oil, combined with Parmesan, is a must-have.