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Biscuiterie De Provence

biscuiterie hazelnut fig cookies 120g


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Our delicious organic cookies are also available in an original flavour that is just as delicious : Organic Fig and Hazelnut Cookies. The recipe is inspired by our Provençal territory, which is full of ingredients, each more delicious than the last.

Made according to a traditional method from organically grown ingredients, and as local as possible, these Organic Fig and Hazelnut Cookies will seduce you with their Mediterranean flavours ! With more than 20% figs, they will appeal to lovers of this greedy fruit rich in fibre. As for the hazelnut, it brings a subtle and slightly milky taste, which will sublimate our sweets.

These Organic Fig and Hazelnut Cookies can be enjoyed with a mint tea, a coffee or without anything, straight from the packet !

Discover the two other recipes of our delicious range of organic cookies made with ingredients exclusively from organic farming : Lemon of Menton & Almond or Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut, a range of gourmet cookies with the good taste of Provence ! Each of these delicious recipes is available in bulk, a family bag of 480 grams for even more deliciousness !