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Beer Nuts

beer nuts bar mix w/ wasabi 8 oz


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This snack variety is great for parties. Prepare yourself for this swift kick in the palette. We’re talking about a serious new tingle for the taste buds. Introducing… the Beer Nuts Bar Mix with Wasabi. This delicious concoction contains all the usual suspects of the Original Bar Mix… with the added zing of the Wasabi Pea. These savory pantry wasabi snacks are a flavorful blend of spicy salty snacks that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any event. Leave those vending machine snacks alone, and say hello to high-quality ingredients freshly packaged. Our blend of unique flavors makes the perfect party mix and bar mix. Beer Nuts has a range of products with a variety of flavor choices including spicy, sweet, salty, wasabi, cheesy, nutty, chocolatey, and many more! These pantry snacks are available in many sizes, including travel size and bulk. With so many options everyone can find something they enjoy!

8oz Bag