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antesite reglisse anis


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For a refreshing thirst-quencher, mix a few drops of this extract based on licorice and other plants (the exact ingredients are still a closely guarded secret). One bottle is enough to flavor 85 liters of water, hence the well-known advertising slogan La meilleure façon de boire de l'eau (the best way to drink water). It's an instant pick-me-up; what's even better, it's sugar free and contains no artifical sweeteners, deriving its sweetness naturally from the licorice. One glass contains less than one calorie. You can mix it with water (hot or cold), sparkling water, tea, coffee, or milk. Some even use it as a culinary aid, to accentuate the fennel taste in certain Mediterranean dishes, or to flavor yogurts, ice creams, or sorbets without adding sugar. Available in two flavors: anis and mint. Antesite contains licorice (glycyrrhizin).