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amano mango chili dark chocolate bar


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Chili and chocolate are almost the perfect combination. The two have been paired together since the time of the Aztecs when they were used to create a wonderful and refreshing drink. The mango's fruity creaminess provides the perfect counterpoint to the chili's warmth. The two together have become a favorite snack worldwide.

With this Mango Chili bar you will you will encounter not just the famous flavors of mango and chili peppers. You'll also taste Amano's award-winning Guayas dark chocolate made with the finest beans out of Ecuador.

Tasting Notes: Rich chocolate flavor from Ecuadorian cocoa presents itself with the creamy fruitiness of mango. It is then followed by melds with the arbol chili’s smokey and lingering warmth.
55% Cacao content

3oz (85g) Bar

Amano Chocolate got its start finding some of the most amazing beans around the world and bringing out their natural flavors. Now with the same care and passion we brought to single-origin chocolate, we are offering amazing chocolate bars with added natural flavors. As with our single-origin bars our focus is to be as true to the ingredients as possible.