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aldez anejo tequila 750ml


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Born to embody authenticity and quality, Aldez Organic Tequila is a responsibly sourced, artisanal brand made of 100% Blue Agaves that are hand-selected from the organic fields of a single estate in the Lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Being Certified Organic means Aldez Tequila is pure, untouched and unmanipulated - the way tequila is intended. You won't find any glycerin, artificial flavoring or coloring in the liquid. In addition, Aldez Tequila prides itself in being eco-friendly. By using recycled glass, labels and corks, Aldez strives to minimize their impact on the environment.

All of the most significant accomplishments life has to offer require the ingredients of time and patience. For those willing to wait until the right moment, amazing possibilities exist. It is no different for Aldez Anejo. Spending about 18 months soaking up rich and complex flavors from reclaimed bourbon casks, our Anejo is symbolic of the amazing achievements that await those who are willing to invest the time it takes to develop true greatness.

The bold, nuanced and robust flavors of Anejo are derived by 100% locally grown and twice-distilled blue agave from our sun-kissed fields in the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Our production approach has not significantly changed from the approach of our forefathers. By following traditional methods, we also achieve excellence in the results of the tequila. Our unsurpassed quality is owed to our uncompromising dedication to sustainable, responsible production values and the simple truth that you deserve to sip a drink that is worthy of your own high standards for living. Every blue agave has spent several years maturing in its native Mexican soil, and is removed from the earth with traditional tools, all by hand. The blue agave is then slow-cooked in our brick ovens over a period of nearly 3 days before being extracted - by hand, no less - and proceeding through the completion of the distillation process.
As you pour Aldez Anejo, you'll be pouring out a small taste of the heart and soul of authentic Mexican traditions - and as you savor your drink, you'll find that the amazing flavor was well worth waiting for.

750ml bottle