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rhythm organic beet chips sea salt


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Superfoods, For One. Some folks use the term 'superfood' as a buzzword, but to us, it means nutrient-dense ingredients that are naturally bursting with stuff like vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. Our food isn't just 'less bad' for you, Rhythm Superfoods are 'all good'. The Rhythm And The Beet! Beetroots are surely a superfood. Chock full of nitrates, fiber, and potassium, beets pack great benefits for your body. Our beets are gently dehydrated (never fried) to maximize their nutritional potency and keep you fully in your groove. Balance & Harmony. Created in Austin, TX where we believe great music, a positive mind, eating right, and staying active can make all the difference in health and happiness. Find your Rhythm and never miss a beat!

1.4 oz (40g) Bag