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petrossian beluga 1kg (1000g)


Butter and brine come together perfectly in this beautiful hybrid blend of Beluga's warm, creamy notes and Sevruga's firm beads and fresh finish.

While it is the most famous caviar in the world, Beluga has been banned in the United States for nearly 20 years. However, naturally occurring hybrids, such as Kaluga Huso and our Beluga Hybrid, can still provide stateside caviar lovers with many of the high points of this legendary roe. This Sevruga-Beluga blend is particularly unique and will delight even the most seasoned aficionado.

Every bead of Petrossian Caviar is sustainably raised and hand-selected from the finest farms across the globe, matured to perfection through our care and expertise, then made available to buy online at the peak of taste and texture.


*Perishable goods are time and temperature – sensitive items.  They require fast and safe delivery to maintain quality and effectiveness. Due to short shelf like, and the very particular storage requirements, shipping perishable goods by

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